Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pixar Haunted Mansion Mashup for The Art of the Haunted Mansion

I thought I would share this little BOO-tiful work I created! Check out more about the contest judged  by Jeff Baham and Jerrod Maruyama at!

Pretty uplifting stuff eh Steven Tyler?

Monday, March 17, 2014

Bruegger's Bagels Artist Challenge

I entered the Bruegger's Bagels Artist Challenge. The new flagship store is just east of St. Paul. I went and checked out the location to get inspiration and a feel of the space in person. CLICK HERE to learn more about this contest.

The wall is in a fun spot with guests sitting facing it. I wanted to create something that they could look for an extended amount of time finding different things to see.

Here is a work in progress shot.

Here is the final work. I used coloring from the chalkboards in the store as well as phrases and fonts from Bruegger's signage and other collateral. The dark red background represents the brick wall and is not part of the final work. All in all I am pretty happy with how this turned out.

I call it the 'Bagel Mandala' and am pretty sure even Steven Tyler would find it pretty psychodelic!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday Wellness Walk

One of my favorite projects I ever got to work on was the Wellness Walk for Magic initiative for Kingdom Cast Members. I created a fun and vibrant logo and came up with the concept of check-in point bulletin boards in four locations around the utilidor.

We wanted the Cast to use the utilidor to walk on their breaks. I measured the utilidor and placed the four boards around the utilidor as distance check points. I came up with a card that Cast Members could carry to track their distance. The four boards were markers of distance and also served as a place to hang magnetic fliers about wellness.

I think this initiative would even get Steven Tyler to 'Walk This Way!'

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine for All You Creatives Out There!

Because art is part of who we are. Because what we create is part of us. We ARE Artists. Art is NOT our job. This is for you!

As Steven Tyler would say "Pink is my favorite color!"

Monday, February 3, 2014

Radio Disney Music Awards Poster Design

I created a design for the Radio Disney Music Awards on My favorite part was getting to use the wonderful Disney creative assets again!

We were required to use one of the RDMA logos and one of the ARDY (the mascot) logos in the design. They also provided this wonderful background! I kept it to the basics with fun musical graphics and broke up the space with bright youthful vivid colors!

It was fun using these lovely colors for such a positive youth event. Please vote for my design at Who knows maybe the next Steven Tyler will be at the awards?

Monday, January 20, 2014

Buckcherry Poster Art 'Face The Fear In This'

Buckcherry is one of my favorite bands of all time. They are an amazing band to see in concert and I love their wild lyrics. When I saw the art contest posted for them by I just had to enter! My favorite song will always be 'For the Movies.' I always pictured the girl on the cover of their self titled album to be the image of inner strength for those who write their own definition of success.

Here is the fabulous song 'For The Movies' that inspired me.

Here is the original album artwork that I paid homage to in my work.

The project brief specifically said to "Try your hand at creating some original and unique typography for the required text: Buckcherry." I wanted darkness to drip from their iconic logo in a classic rock poster line art style. Skulls are imagery that the band uses often and immerse perfectly with this concept.

I wanted to include a tribute to the pin-up girl on the 'Buckcherry' album. I wanted the darkness to drip from her too. Her tears are the blackness and she holds a skull in mourning.

This shot shows the her before I added body paint.

And here is my final piece entitled 'Face The Fear In This.' Please CLICK HERE to head on over to the contest page and vote for my poster!

Here is a close up view.

From Steven Tyler and Aerosmith to Buckcherry, music is one of the greatest sources of inspiration in my work! Below is a picture of me and Josh Todd, lead singer for Buckcherry, on their tour bus from a few years back. I hope you enjoy my fan art for an amazing band!

Original album artwork and video are copyright to their original creators and are posted here for reference only.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Creatives That Rock: Lexisworks the Art of Lexis Krieg

Mixed media collages of found paper and layers of paint are trademarks of Lexis Krieg's bright and charming style. She draws inspiration from the world around especially from the mountains. "I go through this cycle of paper and paint several times or just once, until it feels right," says Lexis.

Lexis is a part-time fine artist, part-time graphic artist, and full-time creative! You can see a strong graphic sensibility in her layout and use of typography in her paintings. The colors of the canvas boldly showcase words of encouragement and wisdom topped off with perfecting finishing touches. "I finish my work with text, illustration and accent bits, like rick-rack and fabric," says Lexis

"Let the Beauty" is a favorite of her's that she created after spending time at a local art retreat. "I've been inspired by the mountains here in Colorado for so long. This piece, is one of many where I explored using my drawn trees and painted mountains. I'm particularly fond of this piece and have found a permanent home for it in my dining room. I also really love the sentiment of this Rumi quote."

You can find her work at local craft fairs in Denver, CO such as The Horseshoe Craft and Flea Market, Firefly Market, and the Sugar Plum Bazaar. She is also a featured artist in the upcoming Denver RAW Artist Pixels Showcase on January 30th! "I was anxious about applying to an 'art' event. But I took a deep breath and applied knowing it would be a great opportunity for a new audience to see my work."

Tickets to the upcoming RAW Artist Pixels Showcase must be purchased before the event to support her showcase entry fee. Please purchase your $15 tickets online at to credit her the ticket sale.

If you are not in the Denver area be sure to check out more of her wonderful works at, like her at, and follow her on twitter @lexisworks.

Her work reminds me of the iconic words of Steven Tyler, "life's a journey not a destination." Lexis's art combines both life's journeys and destinations in ways that are truly unique, truly radiant, and truly inspiring.